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Labour councillors will be your community’s first line of defence against the damage being done by the Tory-led Government and their Liberal Democrat allies.

Labour is your voice in tough times.
We would:

  • Support jobs with money raised from repeating the bank bonus tax – not hold back recovery with the VAT rise and cuts that will put almost one million workers out of their jobs.
  • Protect police numbers – not cut them while wasting £100 million on new elected police commissioners.
  • Protect your frontline local services – not make unfair cuts which will hit the least well off the most.
  • Get the deficit down through strong growth and sensible cuts – not by slashing too far, too fast, and putting your local economy at risk.
  • Stand up for young people – not kick away the ladder by tripling tuition fees; scrapping EMAs; cancelling Building Schools for the Future; and slashing school sport.

Join Labour’s Local Election campaign by clicking here to find out how you can send a message to this Tory-led Government on 5th May 2011 that Labour is your voice in tough times.

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Refounding Labour

March 29, 2011 by

Today sees the launch of Refounding Labour by Ed Miliband and Peter Hain MP who is Chair of the Labour Party National Policy Forum on Refounding Labour. This is a fundamental review of the Labour Party structures, processes and procedures to ensure that we have a Party “fit for purpose” to win again.

As Ed Miliband says on the launch site

Last year the Labour Party was beaten badly, recording our lowest share of the popular vote since 1983 and losing dozens of excellent MPs.

The consequences are now being felt not only by the Party but by every community across the length and breadth of Britain.

The reason we did not suffer an even worse defeat – and why we prevented the Conservatives from winning the outright victory they craved – is because of the determination and organisation of Labour Party members and activists.

In the face of seemingly impossible odds and against much better-funded opponents, local Labour parties in key battles across Britain held the line and kept our rivals at bay.

Our task now is to ensure that same level of energy is replicated at every level of the Party.

Read more on Refounding Labour.

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Today is the TUC March for the Alternative where it is estimated 100,000+ people from across the country will converge on London to protest against the Tory led Government’s cuts.

There is a large contingent of Leicester Labour people attending from ordinary Labour Party members, Union members, MPs and also just ordinary workers worried about the their future and their communities’ future.

Below are some pictures from Adam Clarke, who is the Labour Council Candidate in Aylestone in Leicester South. We hope to update this as we get more comments and pictures throughout the day.

Thanks also to Ewan Nicholas for the photo of Labour Leicester South Candidate, Jonathan Ashworth and Rory Palmer. Thanks to Cllr Sarah Russell for the photo she took and posted to twitter.

Read the article “It’s people’s livelihoods they are messing with” by Gemma Peplow in the Leicester Mercury.

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Last night, the Labour Leader, Ed Miliband addressed a few hundred Labour members, supporters, current & former MPs from across the region at the East Midlands Labour Gala Dinner. It was hosted by Leicester West MP, Liz Kendall at the Walkers Stadium in Leicester.

Ed was clear that the Tory led Government policies were definitely not working but were most definitely hurting people the length and breadth of the country. This was becoming very clear with inflation rising rapidly, borrowing going up to one of its highest levels since the 90s, rising unemployment, cuts to frontline services and growth forecast to be lower than the Government’s own predictions.

We were returning to the politics of the 80s with sections of society pitted against each other and as Ed made clear that Labour would be a Party of the mainstream.

Ed was also in Leicester to support the local election candidates, the Labour Mayoral candidate, Sir Peter Soulsby and the Labour Leicester South Candidate, Jonathan Ashworth. There was a great mood of optimism but also a determination to make the upcoming elections a referendum on the Tories and especially the Libdems. Ed noted the significance of Nick Clegg being in Leicester just before the General Election last year and making promises about student tuition fees and then completely abandoning them once in power with the Tories.

Ed Miliband promised to be at the TUC March in London today and planned to address the ordinary people from across the country who were coming together to send the message to the Tory led Government that there was an alternative.

Whilst in Leicester, Ed also visited a local family in Aylestone to hear how the cuts were affecting one local family. Read the story as reported by the Leicester Mercury.

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Today’s Budget makes something very clear. This Tory-led Government’s approach on the economy is hurting, but it’s not working.

After the speeches and commentary, we’re left with a Chancellor claiming to deliver a Budget for growth – while downgrading the growth forecast.

You and I know it’s not the wrong type of snow that’s to blame, it’s the wrong type of Chancellor. Get involved

Whether it’s borrowing going up by £43.6bn, the Government’s own watchdog warning that their plans will cost 200,000 more jobs than in the autumn, the one in five young people looking for work or families seeing their living standards squeezed, this Government’s approach isn’t working.

It is a Tory-led Government that believes creating greater insecurity is the route to greater prosperity. As Labour Party supporters, you and I take a different view.

Click here to share our view

Across the country, people are finding their living standards squeezed. They don’t deserve more of the same, they deserve a better approach.

You can stand with them right now

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