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Thousands of public sector workers took to the streets of Leicester City Centre to highlight the unfairness of the government’s proposals to change their pension provisions. It is recognised by the Unions and the Labour Party that pensions have to change to take into account people living longer and the state of the public finances.

The government has failed to protect the lowest paid public sector workers and not negotiated with the Unions in an open and transparent manner. Following yesterday’s Autumn Statement by George Osborne revealing that his economic plan has utterly failed, it is clear that David Cameron is launching an unprecedented assault on public sector workers. A total of 700,000 public sector workers will now lose their jobs and it is proposed to end collective pay bargaining.

Hard working public sector workers are being demonised by the Tories and as usual pitting sections of society against each other. As Leicester West MP, Liz Kendall, stated on twitter :

Public support for the strike action has been very positive as people of this country understand that people who run their local services did not cause the financial crisis.

It is not for no reason that bankers are funding the Tory party to the tune of £1m per month.

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In today’s Autumn Statement. the Chancellor, George Osborne, revealed that he would have to borrow £111 billion more over the life of this parliament than had been stated in the March 2011 Budget, barely 8 months ago. The Chancellor’s plan has completely failed and lies in tatters and as the Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls, writes the government’s reckless gamble with our economy has failed.

The government’s own Office for Budget Responsibility has significantly cut growth figures for all the years up to 2015 and the Prime Minister’s much lauded aim of balancing the books by the end of his term of office is now unlikely to be met. Unemployment is likely to grow and further attacks are being made on hard working families by either cutting or freezing child/working tax credits.

We can argue about the figures and look at all the analysis by the experts but ordinary people know it’s hurting their incomes and making life very hard for them.

This government is failing on managing the economy effectively and is having to borrow more, not to invest in schools and hospitals, but paying for higher benefit bills. It is back to the 1980s for the Tories and unfortunately for all of us as well! The lib dems were against the Tory slash and burn tactics right up to a few days after the general election but are now fervently helping their Tory friends to help dismantle Labour’s investments up and down this country.

Labour has set out its 5-Point Economic Plan to put into action straightaway to get the economy moving.

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From Shadow Health Secretary, Andy Burnham – please sign the Government e-petition

We received over 20,000 signatures on the Drop the Bill petition in just a few days which is a great achievement and, now you are signed up, I want to involve you in building a massive campaign against the Tory-led Government’s reckless Health and Social Care Bill.

In the last few days we have had a major breakthrough – a local GP, Dr Kailash Chand has set up a Government e-petition calling on the Government to drop the Bill.

This is a great opportunity for us to pile the pressure on the Government, and so I want to ask a favour from you.  I am asking all people who have signed the Drop the Bill petition to sign the Government e-petition as well.

In addition, I am asking you to try to get four of your friends, family and colleagues to sign both petitions as well.  We got 20,000 signatures in just a few days on Labour’s petition – let’s get 100,000 people to sign the Government e-petition.

Going forward, we want to build up both petitions.  The more people who sign Drop the Bill, the more people we can call on to build the campaign.  And the more people who sign the Government e-petition, the greater the public pressure on David Cameron to change course.

Day by day, week by week we hear of more damage being done to our NHS – waiting times increasing, waiting lists growing and nurses’ posts being cut.  David Cameron’s Health and Social Care Bill will not just make matters worse it will change the NHS as we have known it, creating a postcode lottery and pitting hospital against hospital.

We need the Government to Drop the Bill and put the NHS first.
Sign the petition here and get four people you know, who care about our NHS to sign as well.

Thank you


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The claim

“Yes, we are asking public service workers to contribute more. Yes, we are asking them to work longer, along with the rest of society, but we are offering the chance of a significantly better pension at the end of it for many low and middle income earners.”

Danny Alexander, speech to the House of Commons, 2 November 2011

Cathy Newman checks it out

Millions of public sector workers are preparing to go on strike next week – the biggest industrial action since the Winter of Discontent. Some 20 unions could walk out on November 30 in protest at government plans to make them pay more into their pensions, and work for longer.

Ministers know the action will be disruptive. So they’re doing everything they can to try and persuade the unions to call it off.

Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, has one central argument: that the new deal will mean better pensions for many low and middle income earners. But FactCheck has found a flaw in his claims.

Read Cathy Newman’s Full Fact Check Report.

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The latest Leicester West Constituency Labour Party Newsletter is out, you can download it from below. You can read about the NHS campaign that Liz Kendall MP has been championing (please sign-up if you haven’t already) and the work that Leicester West Labour Councillors have been doing and some of their achievements to date. As the newsletter says “we are your voice in tough times” and we will continue to be that against this Tory-led government.

Download a copy below (pdf) by clicking on the folder icon.

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Promoted by Graham Wheatley on behalf of the Leicester Labour Local Campaign Forum, both contactable at Leicester West Labour Party, 42 Narborough Road, Leicester, LE3 0BQ.

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