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Ed Miliband has today announced Labour’s plan to help working people who rent privately.

Generation Rent are the young, families with children and middle income earners who being are priced out of the housing market.

Labour will build the homes which local people want to buy. But we will never turn our backs on Generation Rent. And we want to encourage all those responsible landlords who provide decent homes for people and stable income for themselves.

Too many people are struggling to meet the costs of putting a roof over their head. Some are saving for a deposit year after year, decade after decade, while the dream of owning their own home seems further and further away. Others are having to move all the time, ripping up the roots they have laid down at work or with friends, even having to change their kids’ schools.

Labour has a better plan. The security of three year tenancies for all who want them with rents capped, so they can fall but not rise by more than inflation. The rights they need to negotiate a decent deal with landlords and stop rip-off letting fees. And the protection for taxpayers and tenants against bad landlords who are being subsidised for providing accommodation that fails to meet basic standards.

This is a plan for a stable, decent, prosperous private rental market where landlords and tenants can succeed together.


The next Labour government will introduce legislation in its first Queen’s speech to:

  • Cap rents so they cannot rise by more than the rate of inflation (CPI) during secure three-year tenancies.
  • Require landlords and letting agents to disclose the rent levels charged to previous tenants so that householders can negotiate the best possible deal at the start of their contract.
  • Penalise rogue landlords by reducing buy-to-let tax relief for those who own hundreds of thousands of properties which do not meet basic standards.

These new announcements follow previous measures which Labour has already set out to help people who rent including a plan for:

  • Secure three-year tenancies for all people who want them so landlords will no longer be able to terminate rental agreements simply to put rents up.
  • A ban on letting agent fees charged to tenants, saving the average household £625 over the next parliament.

A national register of landlords which will enable rogue landlords to be identified and judge whether their proper meet basic standards. 

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Ed Miliband visited Leicester to a packed Little Theatre in Dover Street today and got a great reception from Party activists and supporters.

You can read about his visit in the Leicester Mercury.

Here is a great picture gallery from the Leicester Mercury.

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The Labour Party in Leicester is today publishing their manifesto for May’s City Mayor and Council elections.

Peter Soulsby will be contesting the City Mayor election for Labour, seeking re-election after his landslide victory in 2011. The Labour Party is standing candidates in all 54 council seats in the 7 May poll.

Labour’s manifesto sets out an ambitious vision for Leicester, building on Labour’s record since 2011 and setting out new plans to tackle the big challenges facing the city . The manifesto presents Leicester Labour’s plan to build a strong future for the city.

Labour’s plan for Leicester includes:


  • An ambitious target to create a further 3000 new jobs and 1000 apprenticeships
  • Encouraging employers to adopt the Living Wage
  • New measures to support local small businesses


  • Aiming for every child in the city to attend a school rated officially Good or Outstanding
  • Major investment in the city’s primary schools to create new school places where they are needed

Older People

  • Plans for more Extra Care and Intermediate Care for elderly people
  • Plans to support elderly people and the vulnerable including training 500 frontline council staff as Dementia Friends


  • New house building including council homes, bungalows and family homes for rent and buyers
  • A new landlord licensing scheme and rollout of a Healthy Homes programme to introduce new protection for private rented sector tenants

Community & Safer Neighbourhoods

  • Love Leicester Action Plans for each area of the city which will be bespoke plans agreed with councillors and the local community to tackle litter, anti-social behaviour, dog fouling, fly-tipping and vandalism
  • Making the process for local groups to close streets and roads for community events cheaper and less bureaucratic
  • Action on doorstep sellers and chuggers including more No Cold Call Zones


  • A continued commitment to ambitious carbon reduction targets and a new energy company for greener energy and fairer tariffs for the city residents
  • Doubling the number of streets covered by 20mph zones to improve road safety near schools and in residential areas
  • 250 more gritbins for the forthcoming winter in areas where residents think they are needed
  • Investment for improvements and provision of new car parking on the city’s estates
  • Continued development of new cycle routes including on key corridor routes

Health & Wellbeing

  • New investment and programmes to improve and promote mental health and wellbeing
  • A new programme of free visits to city leisure centres and new Community Activators to help get people more active and healthy

Launching the manifesto Labour’s candidate for City Mayor, Peter Soulsby said:

“This manifesto builds on Labour’s work since 2011 and it shows that we are the only party with an ambitious and credible vision for Leicester. This is an extremely challenging time for local government with the Conservative and Lib Dem governments savage and unfair cuts. The budget challenge facing the city council is unprecedented and extremely difficult but as a Labour City Mayor working with my Labour councillor colleagues, we are showing how we can make a positive difference.”

“We go into these elections with a track record of delivery: 3000 jobs and 1000 apprenticeships created, major employers and investment attracted to the city, new homes built, neighbourhood improvements on our estates, secondary schools rebuilt, new Extra Care housing for the elderly, city centre investment and improvements like the new indoor market and key local services protected.”

“Labour’s manifesto sets out a plan to build a strong future for our city. Labour will attract more investment and create more new jobs, we will invest to improve the city’s primary schools and build new homes, including council housing and bungalows and we will introduce new protection for private rented sector tenants.”

“Leicester is moving forward with Labour. This manifesto sets out a plan to build a strong future for our city.”

Labour’s Rory Palmer said:

“Labour’s manifesto represents a vision that builds on our work since 2011 and sets out a strong plan for the future. It responds to the big challenges facing Leicester and the things people are concerned about. People want to know how we will grow the city’s economy and create more new jobs and apprenticeships, and how we will couple economic growth with fairness. People ask what we will do to further improve their neighbourhood and local areas and how we will improve the quality of housing. Labour’s manifesto answers these questions and shows the difference a Labour City Mayor and Labour Councillors will make.”

“Fairness is a theme that runs through our manifesto: putting in a place a plan to get more employers paying the Living Wage; creating more apprenticeships; plans to improve living standards and tackle poverty; a new energy company for fairer tariffs and greener energy; protection for tenants in the private rented sector and new approaches to improve housing quality; support for the city’s small businesses.”

Jon Ashworth, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Leicester South and a Labour Campaign Deputy said:

"Labour in Leicester, with Peter Soulsby as Mayor, are showing the importance of strong and decisive local leadership. Under Labour, Leicester is attracting big name employers to the city, creating jobs and providing opportunities for young people. This manifesto sets out a clear plan to grow the city’s economy with ambitious targets for new job creation and apprenticeships."

"We need a Labour City Mayor, working with Labour MPs and a Labour Government led by Ed Miliband to take Leicester forward."

Liz Kendall, Labour’s parliamentary candidate in Leicester West and Shadow Minister for Care & Older People added her support to the manifesto:

“Our local manifesto is a huge step forward in making our city a great place to grow old. We’ll build on Labour’s local achievements to better join up our health and social care services and make Leicester a Dementia Friendly City, including by training 500 frontline council staff as Dementia Friends.

“Actions speak louder than words, so we’ll work tirelessly to deliver these commitments. But we also need the backing of a national Labour Government, because we’re the only party that will stand up for patients, back the NHS and support family carers.”  

Keith Vaz, Labour’s parliamentary candidate in Leicester East added:

“People in Leicester East want strong leadership, a bold vision for Leicester’s future and real solutions to the challenges we face. That is what Labour offers at these elections. We need a re-elected Labour City Mayor and Labour Councillors to continue their work taking Leicester forward.”

Patrick Kitterick, who chairs the Group of Labour City Councillors added:

"We are showing in Leicester the positive difference Labour councillors can make, working with a Labour City Mayor. Labour councillors are delivering improvements and speaking up for the community in every part of the city. This manifesto shows it is Labour with the ideas and vision to build stronger communities across Leicester."

Show your support for Labour in Leicester on twitter by using #VoteLabour

If you would like to help Labour win in Leicester please get in touch with us by emailing

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This evening, Keith Vaz, the Labour Parliamentary candidate for Leicester East attended hustings at Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara on East Park Rd discussing the Sikh Manifesto which has been produced by the Sikh Federation of the UK.

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In tonight’s TV debate Ed Miliband called on David Cameron to debate him one on one. Will Dave have the courage of his convictions to take up Ed’s throwing down of the gauntlet and let the people see who would be the best future Prime Minister.

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