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All three of Leicester’s Labour MPs have been confirmed as Labour’s candidates seeking re-election in the 8th June 2017 General Election..

For more details of their upcoming campaigns please see their individual websites.

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In the run-up to the election of a Mayor for Leicester, each of the candidates has written a First Person column for the Mercury putting their case for your vote. Here, Peter Soulsby, of the Labour Party, says he has the skills and experience for the job.

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Today: This election is a clash of two visions

Despite David Cameron’s desperate distractions, this election is not a clash of two nations – it’s a clash of two visions.

A country run for the powerful few at the top with the Tories, or a country run for all working people once again under Labour. That’s the real choice at this election.

Working families can’t afford another five years of the Tories. David Cameron has a plan for child benefit cuts that will cost over four million families over £1,000 a year.

Next week people have a chance they won’t have for other five years. A chance to vote Labour to put working families first.

Today: David Cameron is still failing to rule out cutting child benefit and tax credits again

After days of weasel words, David Cameron is still failing to rule out cutting child benefit and tax credits again.

All he has said again is he won’t abolish child benefit, but he won’t rule out cutting it or taking it away from millions of families. Everyone knows it’s impossible for the Tories to achieve their £12 billion of cuts to social security without hitting family budgets hard.

Child benefit and tax credits are now on the ballot paper next week. While Labour will protect them, the whole country now knows the Tories will cut them again

Read Ed Miliband’s interview with the Guardian.

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Ed Miliband has today announced Labour’s plan to help working people who rent privately.

Generation Rent are the young, families with children and middle income earners who being are priced out of the housing market.

Labour will build the homes which local people want to buy. But we will never turn our backs on Generation Rent. And we want to encourage all those responsible landlords who provide decent homes for people and stable income for themselves.

Too many people are struggling to meet the costs of putting a roof over their head. Some are saving for a deposit year after year, decade after decade, while the dream of owning their own home seems further and further away. Others are having to move all the time, ripping up the roots they have laid down at work or with friends, even having to change their kids’ schools.

Labour has a better plan. The security of three year tenancies for all who want them with rents capped, so they can fall but not rise by more than inflation. The rights they need to negotiate a decent deal with landlords and stop rip-off letting fees. And the protection for taxpayers and tenants against bad landlords who are being subsidised for providing accommodation that fails to meet basic standards.

This is a plan for a stable, decent, prosperous private rental market where landlords and tenants can succeed together.


The next Labour government will introduce legislation in its first Queen’s speech to:

  • Cap rents so they cannot rise by more than the rate of inflation (CPI) during secure three-year tenancies.
  • Require landlords and letting agents to disclose the rent levels charged to previous tenants so that householders can negotiate the best possible deal at the start of their contract.
  • Penalise rogue landlords by reducing buy-to-let tax relief for those who own hundreds of thousands of properties which do not meet basic standards.

These new announcements follow previous measures which Labour has already set out to help people who rent including a plan for:

  • Secure three-year tenancies for all people who want them so landlords will no longer be able to terminate rental agreements simply to put rents up.
  • A ban on letting agent fees charged to tenants, saving the average household £625 over the next parliament.

A national register of landlords which will enable rogue landlords to be identified and judge whether their proper meet basic standards. 

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Ed Miliband visited Leicester to a packed Little Theatre in Dover Street today and got a great reception from Party activists and supporters.

You can read about his visit in the Leicester Mercury.

Here is a great picture gallery from the Leicester Mercury.

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