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The Government has plunged the NHS into a leadership crisis on the brink of the toughest year in its history.

Labour today reveals how hundreds of senior NHS figures, many with years of experience and public service, have in recent days received letters demanding their immediate resignation.

Chairs and Directors of Primary Care Trusts across England have been given pro-forma resignation letters to return by 31 December – even though the Government is still months away from finding out whether Parliament has approved its planned re-organisation of the NHS.

Andrew Lansley’s shock move has caused anger and confusion across the NHS. It threatens to create a leadership vacuum at local level, with the NHS losing valuable people, grip and focus at a crucial time.

One experienced Chair has warned of a ‘dire threat’ to ‘long-held and cherished standards’ and ‘corporate memory’.

Read the response to this by Andy Burnham MP, Labour’s Shadow Health Secretary

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From Shadow Health Secretary, Andy Burnham – please sign the Government e-petition

We received over 20,000 signatures on the Drop the Bill petition in just a few days which is a great achievement and, now you are signed up, I want to involve you in building a massive campaign against the Tory-led Government’s reckless Health and Social Care Bill.

In the last few days we have had a major breakthrough – a local GP, Dr Kailash Chand has set up a Government e-petition calling on the Government to drop the Bill.

This is a great opportunity for us to pile the pressure on the Government, and so I want to ask a favour from you.  I am asking all people who have signed the Drop the Bill petition to sign the Government e-petition as well.

In addition, I am asking you to try to get four of your friends, family and colleagues to sign both petitions as well.  We got 20,000 signatures in just a few days on Labour’s petition – let’s get 100,000 people to sign the Government e-petition.

Going forward, we want to build up both petitions.  The more people who sign Drop the Bill, the more people we can call on to build the campaign.  And the more people who sign the Government e-petition, the greater the public pressure on David Cameron to change course.

Day by day, week by week we hear of more damage being done to our NHS – waiting times increasing, waiting lists growing and nurses’ posts being cut.  David Cameron’s Health and Social Care Bill will not just make matters worse it will change the NHS as we have known it, creating a postcode lottery and pitting hospital against hospital.

We need the Government to Drop the Bill and put the NHS first.
Sign the petition here and get four people you know, who care about our NHS to sign as well.

Thank you


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