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Today: This election is a clash of two visions

Despite David Cameron’s desperate distractions, this election is not a clash of two nations – it’s a clash of two visions.

A country run for the powerful few at the top with the Tories, or a country run for all working people once again under Labour. That’s the real choice at this election.

Working families can’t afford another five years of the Tories. David Cameron has a plan for child benefit cuts that will cost over four million families over £1,000 a year.

Next week people have a chance they won’t have for other five years. A chance to vote Labour to put working families first.

Today: David Cameron is still failing to rule out cutting child benefit and tax credits again

After days of weasel words, David Cameron is still failing to rule out cutting child benefit and tax credits again.

All he has said again is he won’t abolish child benefit, but he won’t rule out cutting it or taking it away from millions of families. Everyone knows it’s impossible for the Tories to achieve their £12 billion of cuts to social security without hitting family budgets hard.

Child benefit and tax credits are now on the ballot paper next week. While Labour will protect them, the whole country now knows the Tories will cut them again

Read Ed Miliband’s interview with the Guardian.

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Britain succeeds only when working families succeed. This is our manifesto for working people in Britain:

Britain succeeds when working people succeed. It’s a simple but powerful idea, and it runs through everything a Labour government will do.

The first page of our manifesto isn’t a list of promises, but a guarantee: Labour will secure the nation’s finances.

This is a plan to change our country. To reward hard work, to share prosperity, to build a future for the next generation, to save our NHS.

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Writing in Politics Home, Shadow Cabinet member and the candidate for Leicester West, Liz Kendall has said that the Conservatives had “crossed the line” with their attacks on Ed Miliband this week.

You can read the full article at Politics Home.

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Ed Miliband gave a strong performance in tonight #leadersdebate on ITV and looked like a Prime Minister in waiting who understood the concerns of people in the country.

Watch Ed Miliband’s closing remarks.

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At today’s Prime Minister’s Questions, Ed Miliband, called on David Cameron to set up a public inquiry into the phone hacking allegations and to look at the wider ethical questions in British print journalism. Ed Miliband has outlined his views on the phone hacking allegations in a blogpost, calling these claims “grotesque”. The News of the World is alleged to have hacked into the phone of murdered teenager Milly Dowler, causing extreme hurt and pain to her family and friends. It has also emerged that families of victims of 7/7 might also have had their phones intercepted, which plunges the whole saga to new and more depressing depths.

Now is the time to get to the truth and for prosecutions to be bought by the police if it is found illegal activities have occurred.

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