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This article has been written by Rob Jackson, who is a second year History & Politics Student at DMU and Chair of the DMU Labour Club. He also blogs at

Young people have it tough at the moment. Over the last year, tuition fees have trebled, EMA has been scrapped, university funding has all but stopped and youth unemployment has increased. Young people need a party that stands up for their concerns, they don’t need a party that promised them the world and delivered them nothing. It is my belief that the Labour Party is the only Party with any credibility left with young people. We are after all the only party looking at reforming the party structure to make it easier for people to be involved without being members.

I have already commented on the attacks on futures the Coalition has made but the pain is doubly hard to take when the reality is contrasted with the promise given to young people before the general election in 2010 by the Liberal Democrats. This promise was so popular with young people that they were queuing outside polling booths until they closed in some university seats. How different the reality is, from those pre-election manifesto promises. For many young people in there late teenage years they couldn’t remember life without Labour running the country. This meant that many of my peers did not realize what Labour had done for them, it was almost taken for granted that schools would get better, EMA would be paid and attending university was achievable regardless of background. These are things that can no longer be taken for granted, so the question then becomes what can we, as young people do about this? I believe the best thing young people can do to show disgust for what the coalition is doing, is to join the only progressive force left in British politics. Because the other alternative is to do nothing, and this is no alternative at all.

If anyone needs a clear example of how seriously the Labour party takes the concerns of young people, they should look no further than Leicester. The Labour Party is the only party active on both campuses in the city, this is a record we should be proud of, as well as a damning indictment of the other main parties attitudes towards students and young people. It is the expressed intention of the DMU and Leicester University Labour clubs to aid the setting up of Labour Student groups in colleges around Leicester. In addition to this both Ed Balls and Ed Miliband came to DMU in May, Andy Burnham went to Leicester College and Tessa Jowell headed to STRIDE. As well as this countless visits have been made by Mp’s and councilors to the colleges and universities in the city. The fantastic work that Labour in Leicester is doing to stand up both locally and nationally would be impossible without a strong youth presence.

In truth it has been a long time since Labour has been so relevant to young people. We have a golden opportunity to demonstrate this over the next few months and years. But we won’t demonstrate it by resting on our laurels and saying that because the Liberal Democrats have abandoned the young Labour will automatically pick up that following. We have to demonstrate that we are the party of people, but specifically the party of young people. This comes from a young person friendly manifesto, but more importantly engaging with young people on campus, in college and reinforcing the belief that I think most people are coming around to, that there is an alternative.

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Big Young Labour Debate

August 19, 2011 by

Leicester Young Labour and the DMU Labour Club are holding an event on Thu 25th August from 6-9pm at the Unite the Union Office (Transport House), Burleys Way. You can sign-up at Facebook.

This event is aimed at Young Labour members, but anybody supportive may attend!


  • Is capital punishment ever justified?
  • Should the voting age be lowered to 16?
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